Expectations of a great year



Hi, my name is Isa, I’m a journalism and Spanish major at the University of Roehampton.

I am moving to Spain for a year, as part of the Erasmus programme. I’ll be starting in Málaga this September and will be moving to Madrid in 2017.

Saying that I’m excited would be an understatement. Having previously lived in Málaga for  almost a year, I can’t wait to go back and make more experiences in that beautiful city. Not only does it rarely rain, unlike here in London where you can count the sunny days on one hand, the sun in Málaga is amazing, so warm and energising, giving you an instant feel of happiness.

I know the University of Málaga as my “brother” has studied and graduated there. However, being able to study there myself is going to be amazing. Although I have yet to choose my classes, I hope that law will be one of them. Even though I am a journalism student, I am not sure yet whether or not I will be taking journalism classes this fall, because I might as well try something else if I have the chance.

In February 2017 I will be starting my second semester, for which I will be moving to Madrid. A new city means a lot of exploring, something I absolutely love to do. I have so far googled my University (Nebrija) and have to say the campus and the buildings look beautiful. Furthermore, Madrid has so much to offer from incredible, world famous museums, to amazing architecture to beautiful parks. I am more than excited to see it all.

My major aim for this year is to just speak Spanish. This may sound obvious but trust me, I’ve been to a Spanish University (for a language programme) before, and with so many other international students, the main spoken language is English. However, I don’t want to speak English, this is also why I have decided to live with my old host family again (in Málaga), because they speak only Spanish and it is also thanks to them that I have learned Spanish so fast. Knowing Málaga inside out, and having friends there means that I will be starting off just where I left it when I moved away from Málaga, now almost 3 years ago. Improving and perfecting my Spanish is my main goal as I love the language and would love to be like a local, as well as I would like to work in Mexico for a while after I graduate, hence it is very important to perfect my Spanish and to get into the routine again to just speaking Spanish.

Now having said all of that, I need to start applying to my host universities and figure out my accommodation for Madrid.

Well, until next time.

Hasta luego.


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